Apple Cider Vinegar An Arthritis Remedy

Many people who have arthritis have at least heard of the arthritis apple cider vinegar treatment. It is said that for those with arthritis, apple cider vinegar can provide a relief from the symptoms of pain and inflammation, and also become more healthy.

Arthritis apple cider vinegar treatment comes in two forms: external application, and through actual consumption of the vinegar.

External application of apple cider vinegar is the easier method for most people. This is commonly done by first warming the apple cider vinegar; some will advise that it is mixed with water before it is heated, while others believe the pure form of the vinegar should be used alone. Either way, the heated apple cider vinegar should be warm but not scalding.

After it is warmed, it is then applied directly to the affected area. Application may be direct, using hands and fingers to massage the apple cider vinegar to ease joint pains. A small washcloth may also be used to apply the apple cider vinegar, and some will recommend that the washcloth be held in place for up to a half hour, or until the warmth of the apple cider vinegar is no longer felt.

External application is said to be very effective as an immediate form of treatment, giving the individual quick relief from arthritis pain. About the only drawback to using it in this manner is the scent of the vinegar may last for quite some time.

To treat arthritis, apple cider vinegar may also be consumed. It can be taken directly, or as a mixture, or even as part of the diet.

For individuals who are used to the taste of apple cider vinegar, they may take one spoonful from two to three times daily. Apple cider vinegar is an acquired taste, however, which has made mixing the apple cider vinegar with water very appealing to those who are only starting on the treatment.

The mixture to be taken varies, though ordinarily it is composed of one spoonful of apple cider vinegar mixed with water. If the taste still makes it difficult to consume, a natural sweetener may also be added. Usually this sweetener is honey, and it is said that honey can even enhance the effectiveness of the apple cider vinegar treatment.

Another option for taking apple cider vinegar is to have it replace the vinegar used in various recipes used in the individual’s diet. Salads mixed with apple cider vinegar are common, though not the only way apple cider vinegar may be used in recipes.