Finding Proficient Android App Developers India to Design the Next Sensation

The market of Android phones is growing at an exponential rate. Recent data reveals that on an average around 700,000 new users activate their android phones every day! The total number of Android phones sold globally surpassed 295,000,000 last year itself! These staggering statistics give a clear idea of the potential of a suitable Android app. If you have an idea on mind, consider finding a talented team of dedicated Android app developers India. Indian IT professionals have a global reputation of being the best in all fields. Besides, by commissioning an efficient Indian company you can save costs without compromising on quality in any way. You must confirm certain essential aspects before selecting a suitable service.

Constantly updated crew

The Android platform is a highly dynamic enterprise with frequent new updates. You need to find a developer crew that constantly updates its expertise to align with the latest developments. Check the proficiency of the team with various programming languages such as JAVA, Android SDK, Android Media APIs, 3D Graphics and Open GL. Discuss your app idea with the team and ask which language would be most suitable for developing the application you have on mind. In addition, you have to confirm the expertise of the developers with different versions of Android. There have been several versions of the platform like clair (1.5, 1.6, and 2.1), Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3), Honeycomb (3.0) and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). The Android app developers must be proficient with all the above versions.

Attractive and distinct There are thousands of apps in Android, and many of them free. So, to survive in this fierce competition, your app must be able to present a distinct appeal to the users. It must be unique in user experience and functionality. If you want an Android Game app, make sure that the developers have a creative bend of mind, keen on interpreting the demands of gaming entertainment. Ask about the experience of the Android app developers India to understand how they can be useful.

Look for the Android app developers who can also offer apps for Android tablets. The tablet market is growing very fast, and Android devices occupy a significant portion. Therefore, to reach out to a niche tablet crowd, you must find developers proficient in interpreting your requirements. You must look for an effective combination of creativity and experience while you are hiring a suitable service. Find out a company that follows a highly systematic and feedback-oriented approach so that you get satisfied results at each stage of the development. In addition, they must have an active 24/7 customer support system with video calling facility.

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